Sunday, July 31, 2011

Letter to my granddaughter

Dear Eva,

Yesterday you were born. Since then I have not been able to stop thinking about you.

I couldn't imagine what you would be like, since you are the first Worley girl since your Aunt Kathy was born two generations ago. But when I saw you, when I held, you, it was as if I'd always known you. I thought, "Of course, that's our little girl."

Today in church, I prayed for you. I thanked God that you were born safely and that Mommy is alright too. I thanked God for a little girl, because I have wanted a little girl baby since I was a little girl!

Then I talked to God about you. Want to know what I said?

I pray that you will always know that you are loved. Mommy & Daddy & Elliott, Momish & Lala & Granddaddy, Aunt Katy, Uncle Matt & Uncle Ben love you. But you are also loved by a whole community of friends who have been waiting for you and are so happy to see you. We will all help you grow up, cheer you on, teach you things and watch over you. Sometimes you will push us away. But we will never stop loving you.

You have the most wonderful, funny, kind, talented mommy and daddy. You won't always think that, but trust me, you got the good ones. They have already done a really good job raising your brother. He will drive you crazy sometimes, but he's funny and kind too. And he loves you. I always wanted an older brother, so I think you're very lucky.

I pray that you will always know that you are very special. God made you to be just who you are. No one else can be you. Someday you will wish you were like everybody else, that you could just fit in. But God has a special place for you in his story, Eva. Don't be afraid to be yourself.

You have an unusual name; so do I. It will just serve to always remind you that you're not just anybody. Don't get frustrated when teachers don't always get it. Teachers often don't get the most important things about you. But teachers can also show you the world, if you you are fortunate to get the really special ones.

I pray that you will learn a lot of wonderful things about the world. I pray that you will hear about God and come to love him, as I have. I pray that you will grow up sure that he loves you, that he made you, and that he can be trusted. I pray that other people in this world will come to know about God because of you and your special part in God's story. You are here because you have a part to play in that story.

I will tell you a secret Eva: Your daddy was never supposed to be born. At least that's what the doctors said. He was a miracle, a son given to me by God, which is why I named him Seth. When I told your mommy that story, she said, "God must've had a really good reason to make sure he was in the world." I know that's true of your daddy. It's true of your mommy. And it's true of you.

Welcome to the world, Eva Worley. It's already different because you're here.



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