Friday, April 4, 2014

TGIF: the gift of normal

I've let two Fridays go by without a TGIF post.  Not that the world has stopped.

I didn't do them because I didn't think I had anything significant to write about, just everyday life.  Just putting one foot in front of the other and doing each day.  So normal.  What's interesting in that for you to read about?

What I'm Trusting:
But in the past several weeks, three friends have had their lives turned upside down by unexpected grave illness.  They are in uncharted territory.  This week, one of them wrote that her favorite quote is, "Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are."  She was so grateful because that day had just been a day of laundry, cooking a meal, watching TV.  No doctors, machines, tests, forms to fill out.

In this splashy, sensational culture, we can feel that normal is nothing to celebrate.  These days, I'm in a season of very normal days.  And I'm trusting that they are a gift to be treasured.  They are probably more rare than I imagine.

How I'm practicing Gratitude:
In her wonderful little e-book Mini-Missions for Simplicity: Small Actions Massive Change, Courtney Carver recommends the mini-mission of single-tasking.  We are such habitual multi-taskers that we don't even realize we are doing it.  We don't even realize we are not present for this moment.  Single-tasking means that I do one thing mindfully, present to it, enjoying it, experiencing it with all my senses.  Folding warm laundry.  Enjoying the sizzle of the garlic when it drops into the oil as I start dinner.  Watching my husband's face as he talks about his day.  Noticing the lady who is checking out my groceries.  Liking the blue pen I use to write a note.  Single-tasking is being there for the gift of the normal day.

What Inspires me:

What's Fun:
Spring is here, and I'm upping my mileage, so I have a new Happy playlist for walking.  Of course, Pharrell's song is on there, but here are a few oldies that also make me happy and keep me going the extra mile:

All My Fountains (I like Travis Cottrell's version)
The Power of Love (Huey Lewis & the News)
You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon)
The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson)
Again I Say Rejoice (Israel Houghton)
Dance Tonight (Paul McCartney)
Friend of God (Travis Cottrell)
If I Ever Lose My Faith in You (Sting)
What A Fool Believes (Michael McDonald)

These are also good for dancing around the house, if it's raining and you can't walk,  I almost threw a hip out the other day dancing to "Every Move I Make" by Dave Crowder.

What's your TGIF?

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