Friday, May 20, 2011

Me & Julio

Here is my baseball bragging story.   (If you have heard it, ssh.)

One Saturday night several years ago, Dennis and I went to an Atlanta Braves game.  Barry Landis gave us the Time Warner box seats for the game.  WOW.  We were on the front row, in the seats next to Ted Turner and Jimmy Carter.   (Although they were not there.)  The players were three feet from us when they came on deck.

So, here is my story.  I had been enjoying seeing all these GORGEOUS extremely young athletes up close for six innings, and then Julio Franco came on deck.  Julio was in a whole 'nother class of cool. Julio also happened to be one of my favorite Braves.

Unfortunately, Julio did not get to bat because somebody on the field screwed up and got the third out.

The game continued. It was a beautiful night.

During the eighth inning, I had gone upstairs for the traditional eighth-inning-race-to-the-bathroom, and when I came back to my seat, Julio was on deck again.  As I sat down, I said,  “Oh no, I almost missed Julio hit!”  At that moment  some Braves player screwed up royally again and got the third out, so Dennis said, “Looks like you won’t get to see him hit this time, either.”  And I said, “No, I have to see Julio hit!”

AND THEN....Julio turned to ME with a multi-million dollar grin and said,

“Not tonight, babe.”

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