Friday, May 13, 2011

Time flies

This week's quote of the week comes from Ben Worley, age 8.

Ben and I were the only two people at home one day.  I was downstairs at my computer writing, and Ben had been upstairs working away on something - probably taking something apart and building something entirely new out of spare parts.  I like to call these things "Ben-ventions."  Over the years he has created some stunning Benventions.  The best was probably a riding thing made from an old shopping cart, a bicycle and the handlebars from an Ab Blaster.  Oh, how I wish I had a picture of it.  It was crashed into the ditch by our driveway many times by Ben, his brothers and neighbor kids.  Surprisingly, no one had to go to the emergency room.

On this day, 8-year old Ben had been up in his room absorbed in his work, as I was in mine, and the afternoon had passed and the house was growing dark.  Ben came downstairs.

"Mommy, it's dark already," he said.

"I know, Ben.  The day is almost over," I replied.

Ben sighed happily and shrugged.

"Time flies when you're loving life!"

So it does, and Ben Worley has taught that his philosophy is a true one.  No one loves life quite so much as Ben Worley, and it is a joy to watch him.

This Sunday is Senior Recognition day at church, and Ben Worley, who is 18 now and graduating from high school, will be among those honored.   He was the baby on the cul de sac, the youngest of all the gang of kids who grew up in these yards and houses together over the past 20 years.  All of those neighbors still live here.  Only one family has moved away, and new neighbors have moved in this year.  This weekend, Nate and Brittany will bring home their new baby girl, Sadie.  They don't realize it, but before they can blink, there will be a Senior sign in their front yard with Sadie's name on it.

Time flies when you're loving life!

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