Friday, March 14, 2014

TGIF: blessings, beards, big Friday fun

What I'm Trusting:
That God is always doing something kind and wonderful, even when it's hard.  This week our Wednesday Bible study story was Jesus' birth.  The angel Gabriel says to Mary, "Good news!  God is doing something kind and wonderful, and you have a part in it."  And then he goes on to explain how her world will be up-ended by a miraculous pregnancy and a baby who will divide the world.  Nothing about this is easy.  Right now, people I love are walking paths that are hard.  I trust that the God who called them and loves them is doing something kind and wonderful, even though for them it is not easy.

What I'm Grateful for:
Arley Worley.  She is an amazing passionate mom and wife, a friend who gets in the trenches and fights for people she loves.  She is creative and generous and beautiful.  And wickedly funny.  This week, in a group text, my guys were comparing beards.  (Matt is growing a gruesome one at the moment.)  Arley shut us all up with this photo:

What Inspires me:
This week I was part of a workshop on Bible storytelling, led by this amazing team.  Their passion for figuring out how to tell the story of God to a particular people is contagious.  Their faithfulness to just tell the story all over the world all the time is moving.

What's Fun:
Sleep-over tonight with the grandkids!  Who wouldn't want to hang out with this:

What's your TGIF?

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