Friday, March 7, 2014

TGIF: come away

What I'm Trusting:
You need to trust God enough to believe He knows what He's doing in your life right now. A friend sent that quote in an email this week. I'm trusting this, not just for myself, but I'm trusting this especially for my kids. I'm trusting it for unanswered questions in ministry. When I'm tempted to worry, and I often am, I'm stopping to say,"He knows."

What I'm Grateful for:
Dennis and I are away for several days this week at our favorite spot in the mountains. I'm grateful for quiet, rest, woods & sky, mountain air, sunshine, naps, walks, good books, conversation. I'm grateful for this man who loves me, who is my best friend & still makes my heart beat fast, who says to me, even after 35 years, "Come away with me, my love."  This week, we found out that some friends in ministry's marriage has taken a great blow. Even as our hearts ache for them, we come away on this trip knowing even more that life in ministry is challenging. That it's important to protect your heart. Grateful for a man who makes that a constant priority. 

What Inspires me:

What's Fun:

Pharrell Williams' song Happy, from Despicable Me 2.  It's a dance party. I can't resist. 

What's your TGIF?

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